Good Oswald Espresso Blend
Good Oswald Espresso Blend

Good Oswald Espresso Blend

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Crema, body and heart! While it takes some skill to pull a decent shot of espresso, you still need the right combination of beans to bring your cup to life! We make the base of our blend as a traditional dark roast that contributes a full body with notes of cocoa and nuttiness, low acidity and a thick crema. We then add a small percentage of a lighter roast that compliments this smooth base to give the blend a unique character.

Roast level: Full City+ / Dark

This coffee will begin to hit its peak flavour around 7-8 days AFTER the roast date if bring used for espresso. 4-5 days for other methods. 

A note about freshness

To increase shelf life and preserve freshness, it is best to buy the beans whole and grind them at home. That said, we understand that not everyone has a coffee grinder at home. Select the type of grind for the way you normally prepare your coffee. Not sure? Check out our handy chart.


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