Our Roastery

Who is Good Oswald

Good Oswald Coffee is a micro-roaster started by Chris Samuel, Head Brewer and co-owner of Evergreen Craft Ales, a craft brewery in Ottawa ON.  Good Oswald runs like a craft brewery that is open to collaboration, creativity and variety. There is such diversity in the types of beans and given the exposure, we think people will gravitate towards great coffee once they have been given the chance to try it.  

We use a clean roasting fluid bed roaster (Artisan 3-e). This differs from conventional drum roasters in that the fluid bed roaster uses convection to deliver heat and has distinct roast characteristics. The chaff (the skin on the bean) gets removed from the roast process whereas in a drum roaster, the chaff that comes off the beans remain in the drum and quickly carbonizes. In our opinion this does not necessarily make for a better roast profile, but it is a cleaner profile.

Who is the dog on your logo?

That is Ozzie aka Oswald. He is an integral part of Chris' coffee drinking routine. Rain or shine they head out for their morning walk with cup in hand. Ozzie represents the good things in life, a free spirit, a love of people and good heart. 

Ozzie aka Good Oswald