Costa Rica Tarrazu - Green Coffee Beans

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Green Coffee Beans

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Unroasted Green Coffee 1 lb/454g

Dark chocolate, nutty, biscuit, mild acidity. A classically good tasting cup of coffee. In addition to this being a great coffee, it also has cool art on the sack it came in :)

Full name: Costa Rica Tarrazu La Capilla

COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: Terrazu
VARIETAL(S): Caturra, Catuai
ALTITUDE: 1200 - 1900 Masl

Processing Information:

First, the freshly picked coffee cherries are put in water. This is a way to sort out cherries that are unripe or have some other defect. The bad cherries will often rise to the surface. They are called ‘floaters’. The cherries then go through a de-pulper that will remove the outer skin and pulp. A layer of slime will be left on the seed though – this is called mucilage and can be compared to the sticky layer that coats the stone of a peach. In order to get rid of this mucilage, the seed will have to ferment in water tanks for 8-50 hours. The time the seeds are allowed to soak depends on the equipment, climate, and the preference of the producer. After that beans will be floated and rinsed once again. The beans are then dried on concrete patios or raised beds until they have reached a moisture content of 10-12 %.



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