Brazil Serras de Minas - Natural

Brazil Serras de Minas - Natural

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This single origin bean has hints of chocolate, caramel with a pleasant acidity and a creamy body. A great all around coffee for most brewing methods.

Roast level: Full City+ / Dark

Country: Brazil
Producer: Flowins Coop
Region: São Sebastião da Grama, São Paulo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 800 – 1200 masl
Varietals: Catuaí
Drying Method: Sun-dried
Direct Trade: Yes

A note about freshness

To increase shelf life and preserve freshness, it is best to buy the beans whole and grind them at home. That said, we understand that not everyone has a coffee grinder at home. Select the type of grind for the way you normally prepare your coffee. Not sure? Check out our handy chart.

This coffee will begin to hit its peak flavour around 4-6 days AFTER the roast date. 


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