Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji

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Ethiopia Guji coffee, renowned for its unique and exquisite flavour profile, is a cherished variety in the world of specialty coffee. Cultivated in the high-altitude regions of the Guji zone in southern Ethiopia, this coffee is a testament to the rich coffee heritage of the area.

The beans, typically grown at altitudes ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 metres, benefit from a favourable climate with abundant rainfall and optimal temperatures. This high elevation contributes to a slower bean maturation process, resulting in a denser bean that is packed with flavour.

Ethiopia Guji coffee is often characterized by its bright acidity and complex flavour notes. The taste profile frequently features a harmonious blend of floral, fruity, and spicy elements. Common tasting notes include jasmine, bergamot, ripe peach, and a hint of tropical fruit, culminating in a delightfully sweet and clean finish. These flavours are further enriched by the traditional natural processing methods used in the region, where beans are sun-dried with the fruit still on, imparting a distinctive berry-like quality to the coffee.

The aroma of Guji coffee is equally captivating, offering a heady mix of floral and fruity scents that entice the senses even before the first sip. The body of the coffee is usually medium to light, complementing the overall delicate and nuanced nature of the brew.

In the Canadian market, Ethiopia Guji coffee is often sought after by connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers alike for its enchanting flavours and the unique coffee experience it provides. Its popularity not only highlights the diverse coffee culture in Canada but also underscores the global appreciation for the exceptional coffee varieties hailing from Ethiopia.

Varieties : Tero, Mancity et Hambella

Region : Guji, Oromia
Altitude : 1800 to 2200 meters
Process : Natural
Density : 0,739 g/ml
Harvest: 2022 / 2023 (November to January)

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