Indian Robusta Kaapi Royale AA Scr 18

Indian Robusta Kaapi Royale AA Scr 18

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Unroasted Green Coffee 1 lb/454g

Indian Kaapi Royale is one of India's finest washed robustas, considered as specialty coffee. It is an A grade coffee, meaning it is free from primary defects. Kaapi Royale typically has a full body and a predominant spice and chocolate cup profile, without any bitter flavours you would expect in robusta.

This is a high-quality washed robusta which is great in espresso blends and are often used to fortify milk-based espresso drinks and extend, in particular, Italian-style blends. Try blending with an African coffee such as our Ethiopian Limu . Robusta beans help to maintain an good crema and typically have a higher caffeine content than their Arabica cousins.

Full name: Robusta Kaapi Royale AA Scr 18

Country: India
Region: Karnataka, Mysore, Kerala, Malabar and Tamilnadu
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1000-1600 masl
Varietals: Robusta 

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