El Salvador Casa de Zinc Honey

El Salvador Casa de Zinc Honey

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This single origin coffee is a great any time of the day coffee. Hints of brownie, chocolate, yellow fruits. Honey aftertaste. Nice silky body. Subtle.

Roast level: Full City Roast or Medium/Dark

Full name: El Salvador Casa de Zinc Honey
COUNTRY: El Salvador
REGION: Apaneca Ilamatepec
FARM: Casa de Zinc
ALTITUDE: 1200 – 1,400 masl

Regional + Producer Information

Mapache Coffee is a modern take on the traditional coffee industry. They are an operation that includes 6 farms which employ 150 people year-round and a state-of-the-art milling station. Run by Jan-Carlo & Sofia Handtke who come from a legacy in coffee being fifth generation growers, they have taken the task to make coffee growing more sustainable.

A note about freshness

To increase shelf life and preserve freshness, it is best to buy the beans whole and grind them at home. That said, we understand that not everyone has a coffee grinder at home. Select the type of grind for the way you normally prepare your coffee. Not sure? Check out our handy chart.

This coffee will begin to hit its peak flavour around 4-6 days AFTER the roast date. 

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