Ethiopia - Haro Wato

Ethiopia - Haro Wato

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This incredible natural coffee has hints of Mango, raspberry, peach, cranberry, chocolate. It comes from the processing station located in the small town of Tebe Haro Wato, in the Uraga district, within the Oromia region, in the southern part of the Guji zone. This area is home to several hundred small-scale farmers, and their farms are situated between 1900 meters and 2150 meters above sea level. The farmers handpick the coffee and transport it directly to the processing station right after harvesting. The owner of this station is Kebere Negash, and has been working here since the beginning. He also invests heavily in the small village, building schools and roads.

SCAA Score: 88.50

Processing: Natural
Washing Station: KB
Station Owner: Kebere Negash
Varieties: Dega and Wolisho
Region: Uraga, Guji
Village: Tebe Haro Wato
Elevation: 1900 to 2150 meters

Harvest: 2022 / 2023 (November to January)

Grade: 1
Notes: Mango, raspberry, peach, cranberry, chocolate

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