Ethiopia Sidama

Ethiopia Sidama

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The Sidama region is home to some of Ethiopia's highest grade coffees. You will find hints of dark chocolate strawberries, oatmeal & granola, sweet and clean. This coffee has a mild acidity and a rich body.

Full name: Ethiopia Sidama Bensa G4 Natural

Roast level: City+ / Medium-Dark

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama, Bensa
Altitude:1,900-2,000 masl
Process: Natural
Drying: Dried on African beds

A note about freshness

To increase shelf life and preserve freshness, it is best to buy the beans whole and grind them at home. That said, we understand that not everyone has a coffee grinder at home. Select the type of grind for the way you normally prepare your coffee. Not sure? Check out our handy chart.

This coffee will begin to hit its peak flavour around 3-4 days AFTER the roast date. 


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