Brazil Celso Yellow Icatu Anaerobic 72H

Brazil Celso Yellow Icatu Anaerobic 72H

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 A special microlot anaerobically fermented at low temperature for 72h fermentation, and dried on raised beds.

What is so special or different about anaerobic fermentation? Producers may allow fermentation to naturally occur by exposing the pulp or the coffee cherry to warmth and bacteria naturally occurring in the air.  Similar to beer and wine making, the bacteria interacts with the sugars in the coffee cherry to create unique and delicious flavours. Anaerobic fermentation happens when oxygen is removed from the equation. This process rapidly changes the coffee fruit, resulting in a flavour much different than traditional fermentation methods. This is done by sealing the intact coffee cherries or the de-pulped cherries in containers with water for certain amount of hours before they are dried.

This single origin bean has hints of Cacao, red cherries, spicy with a pleasant acidity and a smooth body. A great all around coffee for most brewing methods.

Full name: Brazil Celso Yellow Icatu Anaerobic 72H

Country: Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Sao Joao
Producer: Fazenda São Silvestre
Region: Serra do Salitre, Minas Gerais
Process: Anaerobic natural
Altitude: 1200 masl
Varietals: Yellow Icatù
Drying Method: Sun-dried


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